3 things to consider before buying art online

We all are comfortable in buying items like books, clothing, music, appliances, etc. online. But what if we wanted to buy art online? Will we be satisfied with our purchase? Unlike other products, art is a very sensitive and expensive item. It is a bit difficult to buy art online. Here are 3 things you should consider before buying art online.

Buy something that you love

You should buy something that you will never get tired of looking at. You shouldn’t buy at art that matches the color of your sofa, for example. You won’t even look back at this art after sometime. If you feel moved by an art only then you should buy it. That piece of art is going to create a permanent place in your life.

Know what you’re buying

You should know what kind of art you are buying. There are art pieces that are actually reproduction on an inkjet printer. Some online art dealers try to entice you by saying that these art are limited edition prints. A limited edition art is considered to be original, not reproduction of an inkjet printer. Don’t let the art dealer fool you.

Make sure it’s authentic

Before you purchase the art piece, get a certificate of authenticity which says that the art work is original. The certificate must mention the materials used in the art, the year it was made, and the artist’s signature. You should keep this document safe. In case you want to sell the art in future, this document will help you to evaluate the price of the art.

Carefully consider these three things when buying art online. There are art dealers who try to cheat with you by selling reproduced works as being original. So, you have to be very cautious when buying art online.

Can anyone become a professional photographer?

To many people photography is nothing more than clicking on the camera. With so many sophisticated cameras available in the market now, it is very easy to take photographs. Adjusting lens, shutter speed, lighting, etc. can be done with just the click of a button. But the truth is that not everyone can be a photographer. Photography is an art. Just like the fact that everyone cannnot be a painter, the same is true for photography as well. The following characteristics are necessary to become a good photographer.

Know your equipment

You should learn about all the camera settings, inlcuding lighting equipment, lens, etc. You need to have the skill and experience to handle the equipment. Luck won’t work in photography.

It’s not only about taking photos

In order to be a professional photographer, you need to learn how to do business. Getting clients, hiring employees for the printing job, buying the right equipment, etc. are part of the photography business. Not everyone can be a good businessman.

Needs creativity

The creative element is present in photography and creativity is not learnt. Not all people are creative. Choosing the subject, light, angle, etc. requires creativity.


You need to have the passion for photography. Photography is an art. Most people become professional photographer out of their hobby. Photography is not a subject like Chemistry or Physics. You need to have passion for photography in order to be a professional photographer. Not everyone has the passion for it.


Photography equipment is very expensive. Everyone cannot afford to buy a good camera and keep on upgrading their lens and other photography equipment.

You need lots of patience to be a photographer. Being a professional photographer is not easy. You need to invest a lot of money and work really hard to get clients. The competition is fierce in this market; so you need to be strong enough to take the challenge.

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4 reasons not to go to photography school

Photography schools are a great place to learn photography. Many experts yet believe that it is not necessary to go to a photography school to learn photography. Here are the reasons why.



There is no guarantee that you will be hired if you earn a degree in photography. The cost of photography school is also huge. There are many great photographers who never went to any photography school, yet the photographs they take are unbeatable.

Lack of Real World Skills


Photography schools don’t teach you how to manage the business aspects of photography. If you are a photographer then you are actually a small business owner. Photography schools don’t teach you these real –world skills. You have to learn these practically by yourself.

Creativity is instinct


Education cannot make you creative. Creativity is something that you have in yourself. You work on your instincts. You must have some natural talent to be a professional photographer which no school can teach you. Practice is what will make you a better photographer.

How to find things to photograph


Photography schools don’t teach you how to select your story or idea for photography. You’ll have to find this out yourself. It is a misconception that you have to travel to a beautiful place to take good photographs. You will find many interesting ideas to photograph just around you. So, look carefully for your subject.

Instead of wasting money on photography school, try to read books and magazines yourself. Go to workshops and seminars. Try to find a mentor and build a support network. Instead of boring classroom lectures, learning from different sources of inspiration can take you much further.